Grove Voice Recognition Kit for Arduino


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Grove Voice Recognition Kit for Arduino

The Grove Voice Recognition Kit or Speech Recognition Kit, is a collection of components from SeeedStudio to help you create your voice controlled project. If you are interested in building voice control application  but don’t know how to start, this is the perfect kit for you. With this starter kit, you will be able to build different multimedia smart-home devices such as voice controlled lights, or even voice controlled robot.

Part List

  • 1 x Grove – Speech Recognizer  to recognize 22 certain speech commands
  • 1 x Grove – MP3 v2.0  to play music or different sound files
  • 1 x Grove – RTC to record the current time for your smart device, especially in those situations where time is crucial for an event.
  • 1 x Base Shield to use more Grove modules simultaneously and easily.
  • 1 x Grove – Infrared Receiver  to detect infrared light
  • 1 x Grove – Infrared Emitter  to emit infrared light which can be a signal for a control system
  • 5 x Cable
  • 1 x Manual to make a brief introduction for all the modules included in this kit.


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