ROBOTIS DREAM is an entry level robotics kit optimized for learning and teaching robotics.

Set A combines the parts from the existing products ROBOTIS DREAM level 1 and level 2,

  • Quick Start includes assembly manual for 4 robot examples.
  • Assembly manual for all 23 robots available through RoboPlus Design SW.
  • Full workbook for students available (sold seperately).

Key Components:

  • CM-150 controller with buzzer, mic, 3 embedded IR sensors.
  • Lithium-ion battery (3.7V 1300mAh)
  • 3x Geared Motors

  • ROBOTIS DREAM Set A Example Robots

  • Entry Level Programming with RoboPlus Task software

ROboPlus Task is a free programs for robots. With this GUI based software, users can easily program robots to make learning robotics more enjoyable!