Weatherproof Enclosure 180x125x57mm IP65 NEMA 4 ABS – Knockouts



Weatherproof Enclosure 180x125x57mm IP65 NEMA 4 ABS – Knockouts

Weatherproof Enclosure are generally used to house electronics equipment outdoors. This particular enclosure has a dimension of 180x125x57mm and is IP65 Rated The rubber gasket around the lid which forms a dust and moisture resistant seal, thus making the enclosure essentially weatherproof.

IP65 enclosures are general purpose outdoor electrical junction box that provide basic weatherproof protection. They are equivalent to NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X enclosures.

Weatherproof vs Waterproof

A Waterproof enclosure shares similar properties with Weatherproof enclosure, what differs the two is that waterproof enclosure can be submerged under water with the depth defined by the IP Rating, enclosures that are waterproof are IP67, and IP68.

This enclosure / case is IP65 rated, low cost “alternative” to IP66 rated enclosure, however, please check the IP Rating Chart for difference, to verify if this enclosure will fit your needs.