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Arduino UNO R4 WiFi RA4M1 Arm® Cortex-M4 32-bit microcontroller with ESP32-S3 for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth

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About the Product

Product description: Arduino Uno R4 WiFi - ABX00087
Arduino Uno R4 WiFi - original Arduino Uno module with efficient 32-bit Renesas RA4M1 ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller. The board is equipped with 256 kB Flash memory and 32 kB SRAM memory, 14 digital inputs/outputs , including 6 PWM, 6 ADC and 1 12-bit DAC. It has popular communication interfaces such as SPI, I2C, UART and CAN. It works with a voltage of 5 V. The ESP32-S3-Mini chip is responsible for WiFi and Bluetooth communication. The Uno R4 WiFi has a matrix of 12x8 (96) addressed red LEDs and a Qwiic connector .

The main features of the original Arduino Uno R4 modules
Hardware backward compatibility - Arduino Uno R4 has the same pinout and logic voltage (5 V) as Arduino Uno R3 . This means that all overlays and designs can be easily transferred to the new version of the board.
New on-board components - The Uno R4 version has several new on-board components, such as a 12-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC), CAN BUS, OP AMP and SWD debug port. Thanks to them, you can significantly extend the functionality of your projects.
More memory and faster processor - Increased memory (16x) and processor clock speed (3x) allow you to perform more precise calculations and handle more complex projects.
HID over USB-C - The Arduino Uno R4 allows you to simulate a mouse and keyboard via USB Type-C. This feature allows you to create an interesting user interface with minimal effort.
High supply voltage range - the Uno R4 board can be powered with a voltage of up to 24 V. The circuit has been equipped with a number of protections to minimize the risk of damage to the board or PC by incorrect connection of wires by the user. The RA4M1 microcontroller is also equipped with overcurrent protection.
Capacitive touch support - the RA4M1 microcontroller used in the Arduino Uno R4 natively supports capacitive touch.

What distinguishes the Arduino Uno R4 WiFi?
WiFi and Bluetooth wireless communication - Uno R4 WiFi is equipped with the ESP32-S3-Mini coprocessor, which allows you to create IoT projects thanks to WiFi and Bluetooth wireless communication.
12x8 LED matrix - there is a 12x8 matrix of bright red LEDs on the board (96 points in total). This is the perfect functionality for creative projects using animations or for plotting sensor data, without the need for additional components.
Qwiic connector - Arduino Uno R4 WiFi has a built-in Qwiic I2C socket, which allows you to quickly and easily connect I2C modules equipped with the same connector to the board, without the need for soldering.
Diagnosing errors in real time - the board is equipped with a "error catching" mechanism that detects operations that may cause its failure, e.g. division by zero. When an error is detected, the board will print a detailed explanation of the error and its causes on the serial monitor.

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