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Basic Starter Kit for UNO R3 Project

Basic Starter Kit for UNO R3 Project

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This simple UNO kit is a set of electronic components for those who want to kickstart their journey into electronics and explore home projects.

It doesn't come with a manual
Great for Project Starters and Researchers

Product Inclusion:
1x UNO CH340G Board with Header
1x UNO USB Cable
1x 400 Tie-points Breadboard
1x Sound Sensor Module
1x DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module
1x Soil Moisture Sensor
1x Water Level Detection Sensor (Red)
1x IR Proximity Sensor
1x 1 Digit 7-segment Display
1x 10k Potentiometer
15x LED 5 each (Red/Yellow/Green)
1x Tilt Switch
1x Active Buzzer
1x Passive Buzzer
2x Photoresistor(Photocell)
1x Thermistor
6x Button Switch
30x Resistor 10each (220Ω/1k/20k)
10x M-M Dupont Wire