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Brushless DC Motor 24VDC 3000RPM

Brushless DC Motor 24VDC 3000RPM

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Brushless DC Motor 24VDC 3000RPM

Brushless Motor are typically used on machines requiring precise speed control. Brushless Motor doesn't have brushes inside making it more durable in long term use,


  • SPWM?Speed/Current alike close loop technology, smooth rotation
  • Smooth torque output within speed range (8000 rpm Max.)
  • 1?75 Max. speed regulation ratio
  • 60°/300°/120°/240°Electrical angle adjustable
  • Speed regulation? potentiometer adjust / Analog input
  • Run/Step, Quick Brake, CW/CCW rotation shift
  • Speed output, Alarm output?O.C.?
  • Over current, over voltage, stall, missing speed Alarm

Technical Specifications:

Number of Poles 8
Number of Phase 3
Rated Voltage VDC 24
Rated Speed RPM 3000
Rated Torque N-m 0.4
Rated Current Amps 7.8
Output Power Watts 125
Peak Torque N-m 1.2
Peak Current Amps 23.5
Rotor Interia g.cm2 170
Torqueconstant N-m/Amps 0.066
Motor Weight 0.92

Wiring Diagram:

Mechanical Dimension

The following diagram shows the stepper motor dimensions in mm.


  • Printers
  • CNC machines
  • 3D printer/prototyping machines (e.g. RepRap)
  • Laser cutters
  • Pick and place machines
  • Linear actuators
  • Hard drives