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Brushless DC Motor Driver BLDC-8015A

Brushless DC Motor Driver BLDC-8015A

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Brushless DC Motor Driver BLDC-8015A

Our Brushless DC Motor Driver BLDC-8015A is an easy-to-use motor driver. The voltage is 24 - 80 VDC, normally linear power supply applied (see appendix), ripple voltage higher than 50V may damage driver. The output current of LPS shall be 60% more than that of driver. In case of switching power supply (strongly recommended) applied, please pay attention to the current shall meet motor's current.

This Brushless DC Motor Driver BLDC-8015A is suitable to our Brushless DC Motor 24VDC 3000RPM

Note: Incorrect connection may cause driver damage.


Electrical Parameters (Tj = 25°C)

Power 24?80VDC, Capacity?up to motors
Current output Rated 15A?Peak 45A??3s?
Driving mode SPWM
Insulation Res. ?500M?
Dielectric Strength 500V/Minute
Weight 330g

Ambient Requirement

Cooling Self cool
Environment Keep away from oil, dust, and acid gas
Temperature 0ºC??50ºC
Humidity ?80?RH
Vibration 5.7m/s2?Max.
Storage temp. ?20ºC??125ºC

Function Description:

  • Speed regulation choice(RV ; AVI)

    1. Setup speed by potentiometer (RV).The dipswitch SW2 must be ON status to enable this function. CW rotate the potentiometer will increase speed. CCW- speed down.
    2. Setup speed by analog input (AVI). The dipswitch SW2 must be OFF status to enable this function.?AVI terminal accept 0?5V voltage or PWM signal from controller?AVI terminal with input resistance of 100K, current consumption ?5mA.
  • Reference Table
    SW2 Command to Speed adjust Comman Current
    ON RV CW—speed up?CCW—speed down ? ?
    OFF AVI 0?5V analog input 0?5V volage ?5mA
    OFF AVI PWM 1KHz duty cycle ?

    Only one of above two modes can be used to adjust speed (another mode shall be enabled). Once AVI terminal applied, (RV) potentiometer shall be CCW turned to Min. position?PWM signal are 5V TTL level.

  • Run/Stop?ENBL?

    ENBL terminal is applied to control motor Run/Stop?Common positive terminal is + 5V. Optical coupler short circuit make motor run, it open circuit make motor shop.

    See below circuit

  • CW/CCW Rotation?F/R?

    F/R terminal is applied to shift motor rotate direction, common positive terminal is?5V. Motor run in CCW when optical coupler is short circuit, motor run in CW when optical coupler is open circuit.

    Attention?don’t change the connection sequence of phase wires of motor to shift rotate direction.

  • Motor Brake Command?BRK?

    BRK terminal applied to stop rotation quickly. Motor will stop normally within 50ms. But inertia of load can’t exceed 2 times of motor inertia, otherwise brake will cause driver alarm.

    Time of acceleration and deceleration must be put into controller in case of too big load inertia,

    And please don’t use brake function in such condition.

    The optical coupler short circuit will brake motor?optical coupler open circuit release motor to run.

  • Setup different electrical angle

    Dipswitch SW1 can be setup to fit motors with different electrical angle

ON 120°or 240°hall signal?they are in opposite rotation direction
OFF 60°or 300°hall signal, they are in opposite rotation direction

  • Motor rotation speed output?SPEED?

    Pulse generated by driver are proportioned with motor speed,(isolated O.C. output) it can be increased to be a random level. 6 multiple frequency processed output.

    Motor speed?60×SPEED(pulse freq.)/pulses per rev. of motor?p.p.r?motor pole pairs×6

  • Alarm output(ALM?

    Driver will enter protection mode and stop motor running in case of OVER CURRENT, OVER VOLTAGE, SHORT CIRCUIT, MOTOR STALL arise, LED on driver will be light, and ALM signal will be available. Please cut off driver's power supply, check wiring and voltage. High voltage is not permitted for big inertia motor, as it may cause run/stop frequently and over voltage alarm.

    Circuit of this function refer to pic. 2.

  • Terminals Description
Terminal mark Description
DC+?DC- Voltage supply to driver
U?V?W To motor leads. Make sure correct connection to motor leads.
REF+?REF-?HU?HV?HW Hall sensor connection?REF+?REF- are for hall power supply. Make sure correct connection to halls.
AVI?ENBL?F/R?BRK?Vcc Controls input?see below picture
SPEED?ALM Signal output?(O.C.?
      • Wiring Diagram

      • Dimension

    Appendix: Linear Power Supply Circuit

    TX: Isolating transformers

    VDC+?1.414×Vout, Vout suggested to be AC21?28V for this driver

    Capacity of transformer shall be decided by motor’s current

    C1=100V/2200uF?C2=400V/0.22 uF?