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BW-4S-S30A BMS Protection Board

BW-4S-S30A BMS Protection Board

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BW-4S-S30A BMS Protection Board

Main function:

Over charge protection, over discharge protection function, short circuit protection function, over current protection function, band balance.

Interface definition:

Charging port of the plate and the discharge port is the same, both positive and B- connecting battery"-", P- charging port and port on the negative electrode;B-, N-, P- pads are all over the hole, the hole diameter of the pad is 3.5mm;The battery charging detection interface with DC output in the form of needle. Do the same mouth when the N- is not wiring.


Details Specification
Continuous discharge current 30(MAX)A
Instantaneous discharge current 70A
Charging voltage
Charging current 30(MAX)A
Over charge detection voltage 4.28±0.05V
Over charge protection delay 0.1S
Over charge release voltage 4.08±0.01V
Battery balance detection voltage 4.2±0.025V
Battery balance release voltage 4.2±0.05V
Electricity balance current 60±5mA
Over discharge detection voltage 2.55±0.08V
Over discharge detection delay 0.1S
Over discharge release voltage 3.0±0.1V
Over current detection voltage 150mV
Over current detection delay 9mS
Over current protection current 75±5A
Over current protection release condition Disconnect load
Short circuit protection condition External load short circuit
Short circuit detection delay 250uS
Short circuit protection release condition Disconnect the load switch
Temperature protection /
Main circuit conduction internal resistance ≤15mΩ
Working current
Sleep current (when the battery is over-discharged) ≤10uA
Operating temperature
Size 45x56mm