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Creality Sermoon V1 Fully-Enclosed 3D Printer

Creality Sermoon V1 Fully-Enclosed 3D Printer

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Creality Sermoon V1 is a user-friend enclosed 3D printer free from leveling and assembly. It enables precision printing with “Sprite” direct extruder and remote control via Creality Cloud App. The low noise exposure makes it perfect for printing at home or school.
  • Silent printing with noise exposure lower than 45dB.
  • Out-of-box printing, free from assembly and leveling.
  • Print remotely via the Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Fully enclosed design for stable and safe printing
  • Direct Extruder for smooth and high precision printing.
  • Easy cleaning, quick-disassembly nozzle for perfect prints.

Print Out of Box

- Leveling Free/Assembled Free

- PLA/ABS Preset Parameter for Easy Printing

Sprite Direct Drive

The exquisite and patented sprite direct drive with powerful energy and good quality prints. Compatible with multiple filaments like PLA/PETG/ABS, diverse printing needs can be satisfied.

Automatic Feed/ Return

Smart one-button controls enable automatic feed/ return, Smart reminder on UI interface, reducing the difficulty of manual operations and preventing blockages.

Quick-Disassembly Nozzle

Convenient disassembly and assembly improve the efficiency of component replacement, facilitates nozzle maintenance, and improve your 3D printing success rate.

Quick-Disassembly Platform

Bendable metal magnetic platform provides highly stable printing, and easier to take out the mold Intelligent Control Connect to Creality Cloud APP via Wi-Fi, printing can start or suspend by one click on the mobile phone.