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Creality Universal Heater Cartridge 300mm | 1200mm | 1450mm

Creality Universal Heater Cartridge 300mm | 1200mm | 1450mm

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Product Description

Quick replacement of the heating cartridge

There is no need to disassemble the motherboard or other parts to install the heating cartridge, just replace the heating cartridge directly.

Easy installation in 5 steps

Insert the cable into the heat shrink tubing.

Insert the stripped ends into the copper tube.

Use pliers to pinch the copper tube firmly to hold the wire in place.

Slide the heat shrink tubing over the copper pipe

Use a heat gun or lighter to heat the shrink tubing until the connector contracts.

Long life span & high thermal efficiency

The exquisitely processed, high temperature resistant internal heating wire is extremely robust and durable.

300mm Heating Cartridge - 24v 50w

1200mm Heating Cartridge - 24v 40w

1450 Heating Cartridge - 24v 40w