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Official Raspberry Pi 3 Enclosure (White)

Official Raspberry Pi 3 Enclosure (White)

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Official Raspberry Pi Enclosure

The first 'official' raspberry pi enclosure from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is here in Raspberry Pi's beautiful white and red! The Pi foundation's first foray into the case world is an impressive, well-designed effort and definitely what we've come to expect from the folks who made the Raspberry Pi.

The case comes in five parts so you can snap in sides or tops according to how you're using your Pi. If you want a GPIO cable coming out of the top or want to add a hat, there's an impressive pink top with a cut-out in the center for more flexibility. Or, if you're not a fan of seeing your Pi, there's a white lid that conveniently fills in the gap.

This case's smart design and customizability makes it a worthy addition to the Pi case genre!

Works with Pi B+ and Pi 2 & 3!