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RS485 Shield

RS485 Shield

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RS485 Shield

This RS485 Shield is an industrial standard for long distance, anti-interference and reliable communication, especially designed for Arduino controller board. It converts UART/Serial protocol to RS485 protocol. This RS485 board allows Arduino access to industrial standard protocol easily.


  • Power module: +5V
  • Module size: 55mmx53mm(2.16"x2.08")
  • 16 digital IO port (including a I2C interface)
  • 6 analog IO port and power
  • Operation and programming mode switch
  • Automatic and manual transceiver mode switch (When in manual transceiver mode, the enable end is the 2nd digital IO port)
  • Transceiver indicating LED
  • Standard RS485 interface, mini RS485 interface and RS485 pins
  • Welding area
  • Reset switch