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Seeed Studio reComputer J1010 - Edge AI Device with Jetson Nano module w/ JetPack System Mini PC

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About the Product

Product details of Seeed Studio reComputer J1010 - Edge AI Device with Jetson Nano module w/ JetPack System Mini PC


reComputer J1010 is a compact edge computer built with NVIDIA Jetson Nano 4GB production module, comes with 128 NVIDIA CUDA® cores deliver 0.5 TFLOPs (FP16) to run AI frameworks and applications like image classification, object detection, and speech processing. The production modules offers 16GB eMMC, a longer warranty, and 5-10 year operating life in a production environment(Jetson FAQ). We also have reComputer J20 series built with a Jetson Xavier NX module, delivering 21 TOPS AI performance for more complex AI workloads.

Besides the Jetson module, reComputer J1010 also includes J101 carrier board with onboard microSD card slot, 1*USB 3.0, 2*USB2.0, HDMI, M.2 Key E for WiFI, LTE and Bluetooth, RTC, Raspberry Pi GPIO 40-pin, and so on, as well as a heatsink, and aluminum case. The device has been pre-installed Jetpack 4.6.1, just plug in a USB C 5V/3A power supply, keyboard, mouse, and ethernet cable, you are ready to start your embedded AI journey! If you need more USB 3.0 and onboard M.2 key M for attaching SSD, you can choose reComputer J1020.

Note: We received customer inquiries they need more storage than 16GB eMMC offered. For orders after July 30th, 2022, we have included the microSD card slot on the carrier board of reComputer J1010. Please check the guide on boot image to microSD card and adjust I/O speed.


Hand-size edge AI full system delivering modern AI power of 0.5 TFLOPs (FP16) and rich interfaces for embedded development.

Ready for development and deployment: pre-installed NVIDIA JetPack supports the entire Jetson software stack and industry-leading AI developer tools for building robust AI applications such as logistics, retail, service, agriculture, smart city, healthcare, and life sciences, etc

Power efficient: powered by Type C 5V/3A, consuming as little as 5 watts. Expandable with the onboard interfaces and reComputer case, able to mount on the wall with mounting holes on the back.


Object detection use YOLOv5 and roboflow such as roadsign detection, wild fire smoke detection.

You can also follow this guide to train and deploy a custom model!

  • Hard hat detection uses Edge Impulse for workplace safety
  • Pedestrian detection by Edge Impulse
  • nanosaur: the smallest Jetson Nano dinosaur robot, open-source, fully 3D printable, based on ROS2 & Isaac ROS.
  • DeepCamera NVR (network video recorder)
  • Pose estimation uses alwaysAI
  • Retail store items detection
  • Wildfire detection
  • Animal detection
  • Visual anomaly detection using NVIDIA Deepstream IoT
  • Product reComputer J1010
  • Module Jetson Nano 4GB (production version)
  • Storage 16 GB eMMC
  • SD Card Slot Included (On the carrier board)
  • Video Encoder 4K30 | 2x1080p60 | 4x1080p30 | 4x720p60 | 9x720p30 (H.265 & H.264)
  • Video Decoder 4K60 | 2x 4K30 | 4x 1080p60 | 8x 1080p30 | 9x 720p60 (H.265 & H.264)
  • Gigabit Ethernet 1*RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Connector (10/100/1000)
  • USB 1 * USB 3.0 Type A;
  • 2 * USB 2.0 Type A;
  • 1 * USB Type C for device mode;
  • 1 * USB Type C for 5V power input
  • CSI Camera Connect 2*CSI Camera (15 pos, 1mm pitch, MIPI CSI-2 )
  • Display 1*HDMI Type A FAN 1*
  • FAN Connector (5V PWM)
  • M.2 KEY E 1*M.2 Key E
  • M.2 KEY M - RTC 1*RTC Socket
  • Multifunctional port 1* 40-Pin header
  • Power Supply USB-Type C 5V⎓3A
  • Mechanical 130 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm (with case)
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