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Soldering Station YIHUA 939D+

Soldering Station YIHUA 939D+

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Soldering Iron Station YIHUA 939D+

Our Soldering Iron Station YIHUA 939D+ adopts SAMSUNG CPU controller, machine performance would be more accurate and stable. In addition, with double the SMT process, the performance is excellent.


  1. Three storage sections: CH1/CH2/CH3, each storage segment can store all the features of the current machine (eg: temperature, iron sleep time,which is currently on display all function values can be stored), you can quickly switch between each storage segment.
  2. Master the core technology, SAMSUNG MCU the PID procedures to high-speed 100ms cycle real-time tracking of the temperature of the iron tips, and real-time correction, the magic temperature compensation speed, to make it more stable temperature, the temperature error is smaller and able to adapt to a variety of harsh environment.
  3. The use imported heater, addition to suitable for general small solder joints ,also particularly suitable for large desoldering, solder joints, hybrid hard solder desoldering;
  4. Anti-static design, which can effectively avoid damage to delicate components;
  5. It has automatically detects the failure and alarm function
  6. Use brand-new sturdy mold manufacturing, pressure-resistant anti-fall; blue ferroalloy Iron holder and durable.
  7. The handle line is silicone line, high temperature resistance, good flexibility (300 ° C iron tips touch silicone line 30s without damage)
  8. Sleep function , Automatic shutdown function , Celsius / Fahrenheit function
    a), Sleep function soldering iron automatic detection of their work status are not in use in a quiescent state, arriving to set the sleep time, the temperature of the iron automatically lower the temperature to 200 ° C enter into sleep state, can effectively prevent the oxidation of iron head and prolong the iron tip service life, energy saving and environmental protection. The sleep time can be set range 0 to 99 minutes in 1 minute steps, users can be set based on usage, if you do not need a soldering iron sleep ,the sleep time is set to 0.
    b) Automatic shutdown function after soldering iron enter into sleep state, start the timer program, set the shutdown time did not wake up from sleep, automatic shutdown, energy saving and environmental protection. Auto power off time setting range 0 to 99 minutes in 1 minute steps.
    c) Celsius / Fahrenheit temperature display function designed to meet the market needs of the different regions of the temperature display mode.
    d)-50 °C to +50 °C temperature compensation function.
  9. The panel is different from traditional,used aluminum alloy material,with new appearance design and improved performance .
  10. 10.The silvery knob give the users high-end and specialty sensor.
Rated Voltage AC 220V±10% 50Hz
Output Power 75W
Tip ground impedance and voltage <2?; <2mV
Working Environment 0 ~ 40? relative humidity < 80%
Storage Environment -20 ~ 80? relative humidity < 80%
Dimensions 14.5*12*8cm
Weight 2.17KG
Temperature Range 200?~480?
Work Voltage AC 26V±10% 50Hz
Constant Temperature Power (High-Speed PID Programmed to Energy Savings 200W±10?
Temperature Stability ±1? (static state)
Display Mode Red LED digital display
Temperature Correction Mode PID Digital Programmed Calibration
PID Temperature Correction Cycle 100ms
Withstand voltage and insulation tests AC1500V 0.4A 60S