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Creality K1 Max is Here! What to Expect?

Creality K1 Max is Here! What to Expect?

Creality K1 Max is Here! What to Expect?

Not long ago, we announced our pre-order promotion for Creality's latest 3D printer series, the K1 Max. Many of our 3D printing enthusiasts eagerly awaited this release, as the new K1 series from Creality offers remarkable speed and smart features. The K1 Max, in particular, boasts a larger build volume. Now that the K1 Max has arrived, let's delve into its impressive features.


First and foremost, what excites enthusiasts about this new Creality series is its printing speed. The K1 Max can reach speeds of up to 600mm/s in just 0.03 seconds, based on an acceleration of 20000mm/s². This is nearly 12 times faster than a regular 3D printer.


                  K1 Max (600mm/s)                             Regular 3D Printer (50mm/s)

The K1 Max's CoreXY structure, combined with a lightweight 190g printhead, supports this speed, minimizing movement during printing to achieve high-quality results.

Build Volume, AI Lidar, and AI Camera:

The K1 Max is notably larger than the standard K1, offering dimensions of 300x300x300mm for accommodating bigger prints. It incorporates an AI lidar sensor that assesses the initial print layer. If issues are detected, printing halts automatically to prevent time and filament wastage.

Source: Creality

Additionally, an AI camera allows you to monitor your print, providing notifications for failures and foreign object detection. Real-time monitoring and timelapse footage are also possible.

Source: Creality

What’s New? The Hotend and Extruder:

Beyond the impressive printing speed and AI features, the K1 Max introduces a new hotend and extruder designed for faster printing. With the K1 Max's rapid print speed, the melted filament must keep pace with the printing head. The hotend boasts a ceramic heater that reaches 200℃ in just 40 seconds, instantly melting the filament. It also incorporates a titanium alloy heat break and a copper alloy nozzle. Furthermore, the filament is fed by a dual gear extruder, maximizing speed.

In Conclusion:

Overall, the K1 series marks a significant advancement for Creality, piquing the interest of enthusiasts everywhere. If you require a larger print build volume and desire advanced features such as an AI camera and AI lidar, the K1 Max is tailored for you. And the best news? It's available now! Visit our Lazada store or website to check it out.


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