About Us

Makerlab Electronics was founded in the year 2016, driven by a team of passionate electronics experts who understand the challenges that the community is facing.



Before the company was established, the Philippine electronics sector was still underdeveloped. Components in making electronics projects are hard to find and usually expensive. Such barriers led them to become a bridge to this gap.


The company started by selling electronics on buy-and-sell sites or meeting with buyers personally. In 2016, this is where they finally established Makerlab Electronics which became a one-stop destination for all things related to DIY electronics. All hobbyists, students, and professionals were catered to, providing high-quality products but with affordable options.



To provide affordable, accessible, and innovative products that unlock the full potential of Filipinos through robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), electronics, and 3D printing.



We will be the leading innovation hub in the Philippines for all creators to bring out their imaginations into the real world.





At Makerlab Electronics, we appreciate all the feedback from our customers and the reason why we are committed...


Complete materials recommended for all CPE students. Easy to order and the staff are accommodating at the time.”  - KEVIN


“They place a conscious effort to always serve their customers with the best they could offer. Staff are easy to talk to. They are friendly and knowledgeable of what they are selling. They are also quick to respond to your orders and assist you immediately if ever you have some issues with the item they sell. Also, the products they sell are of great quality and you will always get your money’s worth.” – JEFFREY GALVEZ


The customer service is very splendid. The staff are also very welcoming which makes it worth the time to come here and buy electronics products.” – KERWIN TUVIERON