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Celebrating eSUN's Anniversary with Limited Edition Filaments: Unleashing Creativity, One Spool at a Time!

Celebrating eSUN's Anniversary with Limited Edition Filaments: Unleashing Creativity, One Spool at a Time!

Hey there! Today, we’re here to talk about something that’s got us buzzing with excitement - eSUN’s Anniversary Limited Edition Filaments! So, whether you are a 3D printing enthusiast or just curious, noob or pro, hobbyist, or already have an established 3D printing business, this is for you. Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and let's dive into the world of these amazing spools that promise to ignite your creativity and bring out the best in your prints.


Source: eSUN


eSUN being legendary 

First things first, for those who are not yet familiar, eSUN was established in 2002 offering a wide range of filaments that can meet different requirements of customers. What makes them a well-known brand is that they have consistent properties throughout the spool, which makes them produce consistent and quality prints. Not just that, but they are also affordable! And now, this coming August calls for a celebration for another year in 3D printing space like no other. Surely awesome surprises await us.


Source: eSUN


21st-anniversary spools 

We all know what eSUN can offer, a wide range of quality filaments at affordable prices. Now, as for the coming anniversary celebration, eSUN release a limited edition of their PLA+ and ePLA Matte filaments with free 4 nozzles. The spools used in these have specific designs dedicated to their 21st anniversary in the making. And let's be real; nothing makes our hearts race quite like the thought of snagging something exclusive. 


In Conclusion

The eSUN Anniversary Filaments is a delightful treat for every 3D printing enthusiast out there. Don’t worry these anniversary filaments are already up on our e-commerce stores and website, and ready to be in your cart!


Celebrate eSUN's anniversary in style and infuse your prints with a touch of magic that only these filaments can provide. Whether you're creating functional parts, artistic figurines, or props, eSUN's got your back.

So, let the 3D printers roar to life, and let your imagination run wild with eSUN's Anniversary Limited Edition Filaments - because who said 3D printing can't be a whole lot of fun?


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