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Adjustable Soldering Iron 60W YiHua 947-III

Adjustable Soldering Iron 60W YiHua 947-III

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Adjustable Soldering Iron 60 Watts YiHua 947-III

This adjustable soldering iron 60W is incredibly easy to use, simply set the temperature on the control knob to your desired heat (350°C is recommended) and get soldering! This unit takes less than a minute to heat up to its max temperature of 450°C.

The LED next to the temperature control knob will be constantly on while the iron is heating up. This LED indicates that the iron has reached and is maintaining a constant temperature (also called a control loop or feedback loop).

If you need to solder or desolder SMD components we recommend YIHUA 899d+

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  • Lead-free capable
  • Temperature adjustable from 200-450°C (392-842°F)
  • 60W Iron
  • Ceramic Heater
  • Iron Holder Included