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  • Esun pla+ white black grey red green blue yellow orange filament 1.75mm pla plus 1kg spool for creality 3d printer

    From ₱799.00 PHP ₱999.75 PHP
    ₱800.00 PHP
    ₱800.00 PHP ₱999.75 PHP
    In stock
  • Esun petg filament 1.75mm 1kg

    eSun PETG Filament 1.75mm 1kg Specification? 1.75mm Characteristics? Odorless; little shrinkage rate Hydrophobicity(Will not absorb water and as such clog...

    ₱750.00 PHP
    ₱750.00 PHP
    ₱750.00 PHP
    Only 8 units left
    eSun PETG color
  • Esun 3d printer flexible filament tpu 87a tpe 83a 1.75mm

    NOTE: If Selecting Other Logistics Provider (LBC) as shipping method, please limit it to 2 rolls only, otherwise it'll be...

    From ₱1,499.00 PHP ₱1,499.00 PHP
    ₱1,699.00 PHP
    ₱1,699.00 PHP ₱1,699.00 PHP
    Only 3 units left
  • Esun petg 1.75mm 2.5kg filament 3d printer

    Esun PETG 1.75mm 2.5KG Filament 3D Printer Product Description NOTE: If you need color shade please message us. Having a...

    ₱1,800.00 PHP
    ₱1,800.00 PHP
    ₱1,800.00 PHP
    Only 5 units left
    PETG 1.75mm 2.5KG
  • Esun 3d printer pva asa nylon carbon fiber wood marble special filaments 1.75mm

    Esun 3D Printer PVA ASA NYLON Carbon Fiber WOOD Marble Special Filaments 1.75mm Product Description NOTE: If Selecting Other Logistics...

    From ₱600.00 PHP
    ₱1,075.00 PHP
    ₱1,075.00 PHP
    In stock
    Filaments 1.75mm
  • Sold out 20% off

    Esun pla+ pla plus espool filament refill 1kg 1.75mm with spool for 3d printer

    PLA+ Filament Refilament with espool Features: 1. Pla+ is an environmentally friendly material based on the improvement of PLA material....

    ₱850.00 PHP ₱1,065.00 PHP
    ₱850.00 PHP
    ₱850.00 PHP ₱1,065.00 PHP
  • Esun pla+ | esun petg | esun pla matte refilament 1kg 1.75mm for 3d printer with no spool filament

    From ₱699.00 PHP ₱961.25 PHP
    ₱749.00 PHP
    ₱749.00 PHP ₱961.25 PHP
    Only 10 units left