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HG7881 4-Channel DC Motor Driver Controller Board

HG7881 4-Channel DC Motor Driver Controller Board

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HG7881 4-Channel DC Motor Driver Controller Board

This HG7881 4-Channel dc motor driver module comes with its own four L9110S chip.


  • Suitable Motor range: between motor operating voltage 2.5v-12V, the maximum operating current of 0.8A.
  • Perfect for driving DIY smart car robot motor.
  • You can drive 4 DC motors or two 4-wire 2-phase stepping motor.


  • Model: HG7881.
  • Module supply voltage: DC 2.5-12V.
  • Compatible Motor: DC motor or stepper motor(working voltage 2.5-12V maximum current 0.8A).
  • Size:50*36*14.4mm(L*W*H).
  • Weight: 13.2g.

Module Interface Description:

A1: external microcontroller IO port;
A2: external microcontroller IO port;
B1: external microcontroller IO port;
B2: external microcontroller IO port;
C1: external microcontroller IO port;
C2: external microcontroller IO port;
D1: external microcontroller IO port;
D2: external microcontroller IO port;
+: External voltage 2.5V-12V;
-: External GND.

1, MOTORA pick DC 2-pin, non-directional;
2, MOTORB pick DC 2-pin, non-directional;
3, MOTORC pick DC 2-pin, non-directional;
4, MOTORD pick DC 2-pin, non-directional.

Module Description:
ON VCC, GND module power indicator light
A1 High input,A2 input low, MOTORA motor is transferred;
A1 Low input, A2 input high, MOTORA motor reversal;
B1 High input,B2 input low, MOTORB motor is transferred;
B1 Low input, B2 input high, MOTORB motor reversal;
C1 High input,C2 input low, MOTORC motor is transferred;
C1 Low input, C2 input high, MOTORC motor reversal;
D1 High input,D2 input low, MOTORD motor is transferred;
D1 Low input, D2 high input, MOTORD motor reversal;