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MAX31865 PT100 to PT1000 RTD to Digital Converter Board Temperature Thermocouple Sensor Amplifier

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About the Product

The MAX31865 is an easy-to-use resistance-to-digital converter optimized for platinum resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). An external resistor sets the sensitivity for the RTD being used and a precision delta-sigma ADC converts the ratio of the RTD resistance to the reference resistance into digital form. The MAX31865’s inputs are protected against overvoltage faults as large as Q45V. Programmable detection of RTD and cable open and short conditions is included.
Resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes, basically a kind of thermistor. In this sensor, the resistor is actually a small strip of Platinum with a resistance of 100 ohms at 0°C, thus the name PT100. Compared to most NTC/PTC thermistors, the PT type of RTD is much most stable and precise
Package Includes:
1 x RTD Sensor Amplifier(this does not include an RTD sensor! this Module is both for PT100/1000 RTD)
2 x 2-pin terminal blocks
1 x pin header
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