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Atlas Gen 3 Lab Grade pH Probe | ENV-40-pH

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About the Product

This Atlas Scientific Lab Grade pH probe is our highest accuracy pH probe. The internal double junction lets you read the pH of protein-rich solutions without damaging the probe. The green Vanadium III tip is a hydrogen amplifier, reducing noise and increasing reading stability. A Tyvek™ junction connects the pH probe to the outside world. Because Tyvek™ resists water flow, the internal electrolyte is held in the probe longer, leading to less frequent recalibrations.


Double junction
silver / silver chloride
Reads pH
Range 0 − 14
Resolution +/- 0.001
Accuracy +/- 0.002
Response time 95% in 1s
Temperature range °C -5 − 99 °C
Max pressure 100 PSI
Max depth 70m (230 ft)
Connector Male SMA / Male BNC (optional)
Cable length 1 meter
Internal temperature sensor No
Time before recalibration ~1 Year
Life expectancy ~2.5 Years +

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