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Creality CR 6 SE 3D Printer Accessories - Fan, MK Throat, Heater Block, Nozzle, Thermistor, etc.

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3DPrinter Part for CR 6:
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About the Product

Creality CR 6 SE 3D Printer Accessories - Fan, MK Throat, Heater Block, Nozzle, Thermistor, etc.

Product Description:
Following a surprisingly good Kickstarter campaign and after making a big splash in the 3D Printing scene, the Creality CR-6 SE has been a very impressive machine, offering not only an incredible range of awesome features but also new developments that we didn’t think would be possible to fit into a hobbyist machine budget. This has resulted in a 3D Printer that excels in almost every aspect.
However, as amazing as the Creality CR-6 SE is, it’s not immune to damage, and even a slight mistake or fault can cause unexpected damage, and that’s why we always try to maintain a good range of Creality Original Spares like the Nozzle Thermistor for Creality CR-6 SE, so you don’t have to fret about ordering replacements from Creality themselves but instead can just source what you need locally before quickly (and relatively easily) repairing your 3D Printer and getting back to your favorite hobby.
So if you’ve run into problems or made some mistakes along the road to 3D Printing perfection, and find that your 3D Printing parts are not quite meeting the standard that you’re happy with, these handy little replacement parts is a cost-effective way to fix your 3D Printer and get straight back to 3D Printing ASAP.

*Creality CR-6 SE 4010 Blower Fan CHA4024RM-10B

*Creality CR-6 SE Heater Block

  • Made of solid aluminum material, durable in use -
  • It works perfectly for the CR-6 SEMAX nozzle and nozzle throat

*Creality CR-6 SE Heater Cartridge

  • This is used in 12V Creality Printers only.
  • This WILL NOT work on the Ender 3, Ender 3 PRO, Ender 4, CR-10S PRO, CR-20, CR-20 PRO or CR-X. All of these machines are 24V and require 24V components.
  • 40W, 12V
  • Dimension: 6mm x 20mm
  • 1m of wire length

*Creality CR-6 SE MK Throat

  • Material: high-quality stainless steel
  • Screw diameter: 6mm contains Teflon tube, the tube core is about 20mm long, threaded length 30.5, outer diameter 3mm, an inner diameter of 2mm high precision 3D printer throat
  • Suitable for FDM molding 3D printer with 1.75mm printing materials. Item specifics:
  • Item Type: Throat
  • Model number: MK8 Long M6 Throat
  • Type: mk8/1.75mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Feature: Extend Prolong Accessories
  • Size: 6 * 30mm
  • Threaded:: M6
  • Filament: ABS, PLA

*Creality CR-6 SE Nozzle 0.4mm

  • Creality Special Harden Steel Nozzles
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
  • Product size: 13mmx8mm
  • Material: Copperplate, harden steel
  • Color: silvery, black
  • N.W.: 25g
  • Applicable models: CR-10 series, Ender-3 series, and Ender-5 series

*Creality CR-6 SE Nozzle Thermistor

  • Temperature Range: 0° to +260°
  • Cable Length: ±30mm
  • 3D Printer Compatibility: Creality CR-6 SE
  • Hotend Compatibility: Creality CR-6 SE Hotend

*Creality CR-6 SE X-Axis Timing Belt Kit

  • Original Creality CR-6 SE 3D Printer X-axis Timing Rubber Belt with Copper Buckle
  • Non-Slip Rubber belt with fiberglass reinforced, cooper buckle included.
  • It's designed to replace the X-axis belt on the CR-6SE 3D Printer. So that, you w

NOTE: Price is for 1 piece of each product.

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