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DT-06 TTL to Wifi Module Compatible With Bluetooth HC-06 Interface ESP-M2

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About the Product

Product details of DT-06 TTL to Wi-Fi Module Compatible with Bluetooth HC-06 Interface ESP-M2

Product Introduction:

TTL-Wifi is designed and developed based on ESP-M2 Wi-Fi module from our company Shenzhen Doctors of Intelligence & Technology Co., Ltd., which is extracted the TTL, EN, STATE and other pins. Importantly, the TTL-Wi-Fi is already built-in the serial transparent transmission firmware programmed by our company (SZdoit), which can realize the transparent transmit the data to the cloud on the real-time, together with low-power control, status indictor. This board can replace the old wiring serial Wi-Fi device to realize the data collection and control.

Product Features:

  • Fully compatible with the original electrical interface and physical interface for the serial transparent Bluetooth;
  • Built-in the industrial transparent transmission firmware V3.0 with stability and reliability by using the Web Configuration;
  • Built-in the high-performance Wi-Fi module ESP-M2 with size:
  • 34mm*17mm*4mm; Working voltage: 4.5V~6.0V, TTL.
  • working voltage: 3.3V (compatible with 5.0V).
  • Provided pins: STATE, TXD, RXD, EN.
  • Average current: 80mA; when data sent, it is 170mA; but it is 20μA at deep sleep mode.
  • Support serial AT command.
  • Support re-programmable, OTA firmware update.
  • Seamless transparent transmission between serial and Wi-Fi.
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