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Rain Water Sensor Module

Rain Water Sensor Module

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Rain Water Sensor Module

The Rain Water Sensor Module can detect whether a conductive liquid such as water has touch the PCB. The module allows you measure moisture via analog output pins and it provides a digital output when a threshold of moisture is exceeded. It includes the electronics module and a printed circuit board that “collects” the rain drops. As rain drops are collected on the circuit board, they create paths of parallel resistance that are measured via the op amp LM393.

The lower the resistance (or the more water), the lower the voltage output. Conversely, the less water, the greater the output voltage on the analog pin. A completely dry board for example will cause the module to output five volts.

Rain Sensor Module Pin Outs

Please refer to the drawing below and the following table for the location and description of various pins, controls and indicators.

Arduino Rain Sensor Module Pin Outs

  • Easy to Use
  • power supply: 3.3V to 5VDC
  • Come with jumper wires, 5 ways, female to female