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RS PRO DC Socket Rated At 5.0A, 12.0 V, Panel Mount, length 21.3mm, Nickel

RS PRO DC Socket Rated At 5.0A, 12.0 V, Panel Mount, length 21.3mm, Nickel

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Product Details

RS Pro Panel Mount DC Power Socket

Brought to you under the trust of the RS PRO brand, this panel mount socket is designed to couple with push-fit DC power plugs. This socket is ideal for powering small appliances such as portable radios.

The socket has a sleeve/shunt function that permits automatic switchover from AC to DC when the plug is inserted or withdrawn. The split centre pins are shaped to hold the mating plug firmly. There are many types of DC Connectors, along with this one they are usually referred to as a Barrel Connector or a Tip Connector.

Features and Benefits

• The maximum panel thickness is 3.1mm

• Contact resistance of 30mΩ Max

• Insulation resistance of 100MΩ @ 500Vdc

• Dielectric withstand of 500 V ac

• Contact Rating is 5 A, 12 V ac Resistive

• The contact material is a silver plated copper alloy, these materials combined have the advantages of the conductive copper and the bright and shiny surface of silver which gives an aesthetically pleasing finish. In addition to the look, the silver also provides a high corrosive resistance.

• A long shelf life of 10000 insertions and withdrawals

• Connector bodies are moulded in ABS plastic

Typical Applications

You’ll find that DC Power Sockets are usually embedded into small-medium electronic appliances which could be connected to a mains power supply. DC Power Sockets are designed to ensure a safe connection, with smooth disconnect and connect action which is why they are typically used to power and change particular portable computers, electronic instruments and sound systems.


Not to be used as mains connectors

Plugs & Sockets

Miniature plugs suitable for powering portable radios, calculators plus test and measurement instruments from a fixed, low-voltage d.c. source. Chassis mounting sockets for the 2.1mm plugs and adaptor leads terminated with 2.1mm and 2.5mm plugs and sockets are also available. Contacts are nickel/silver plated brass. Connector bodies are moulded in ABS plastic


Attribute Value
DC Power Connector Type DC Socket
Current Rating 5.0A
Body Orientation Straight
Voltage Rating 12 V dc
Length 21.3mm
Mounting Type Panel Mount
Pin Diameter 2.1mm
Contact Plating Nickel
Contact Material Copper