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RS PRO Pad Spill Absorbent for Oil Use, 18 L Capacity, 20 per Pack

RS PRO Pad Spill Absorbent for Oil Use, 18 L Capacity, 20 per Pack

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Standard Weight Oil Only Pad

RS PRO Standard weight spill absorbent pads are designed for cleaning up oil spills only. The absorbent pads are white in colour and adhere to industry standards for cleaning up oil spills, preventing harm to the environment and your business. RS PRO have all of the required products you need to deal with your spills, absorbent pads, rolls, socks, pillows and booms including a wide range of absorbent response Spill Kits and disposable bags.

Features and Benefits.

Hydrophobic - float on water
Designed for hydraulic engineers
Open back for quick wicking
Absorbency 0.9 litres per sheet
Size 48 x 38 cm

Packs available.

• Stock number 7716377 – 100 sheets, total pack absorbency of 90 litres.

• Stock number 7716395 – 20 sheets, total pack absorbency of 16 litres.

Spill Control Colour Definition Explained.

• Black / Grey – Absorbs anything excluding any aggressive chemicals.

• White – Oil spills only.

• Yellow – Absorbs anything including aggressive chemicals.


Attribute Value
Type Pad
Application Oil
Absorbent Capacity 18 L
Quantity Per Package 20