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Stepper Motor Nema 17 3000g-cm

Stepper Motor Nema 17 3000g-cm

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This is a hybrid stepper motor with nema 17 size, featuring 3000 g-cm of holding torque, such motors are used in applications requiring precise positioning and control such as CNC machines.

This stepper motor has 6 wires, if you are going to drive it with a bipolar stepper driver, you can ignore the yellow and white leads and drive it using the remaining four.

Technical Specification

Form Factor Nema 17
Step Angle 1.8 degrees
Motor Length 40 mm
Rated Voltage 3.6 V
Rated Current 1.2 A
Phase Resistance 3 ?
Phase Inductance 3.3 mH
Holding Torque 3000 g-cm
No. of Lead Wires 6
Rotor Interia 54 g-cm²
Detent Torque 220 g-cm
Motor Weight 0.26 kg

Wiring Diagram

Mechanical Dimension