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SUNLU Standard 1KG Photopolymer Resin 405nm UV Curing SLA 3D Printer

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About the Product

Product details of SUNLU Standard 1KG Photopolymer Resin 405nm UV Curing SLA 3D Printer

①【Fast Curing 3D Printer Resin】SUNLU 3D resin will fast cure when it absorbs 395-405nm UV light from a resin printer(or resin curing machine), suitable for most 2K/4K/6K/8K resin 3D printers(LCD/DLP/SLA).

②【Low Shrinkage and High Precision】During the resin R&D, SUNLU engineers focus on how to reduce resin volume shrinkage during curing to ensure high precision and good stability.

③【High Compatibility and Easy to Use】SUNLU engineers have tried a variety of print settings on different brands of printers, constantly optimizing the resin performance, making SUNLU resin highly compatible and friendly to beginners.

④【Easy to Clean and Light Odor】SUNLU resin can be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol or ethanol, which is very easy to clean and has a smooth surface. The smell is relatively light, and the resin odor will quickly dissipate after printing.

⑤【Leak-proof Bottle Design】SUNLU resin bottle has a leak-proof design patent, and the packaging process is strict, which reduces the damage to the bottle during transportation and ensures that the resin is delivered to the customer in good condition.

SUNLU fast curing standard photopolymer 3D resin will fast cure when it absorbs 405nm UV light (UV radiation) from a resin printer (or resin curing machine). Recommended

Settings Light colors series

Normal Exposure: 2-4S(Mono Panel), 4-15S(RGB Panel).

Bottom Exposure: 20-30S(Mono Panel), 30-80S(RGB Panel).

Bottom Layers: 3-5 layers.

Dark colors series

Normal Exposure: 2.2-4.4S(Mono Panel), 4.4-16.5S(RGB Panel).

Bottom Exposure: 22-66S(Mono Panel), 33-88S(RGB Panel).

Bottom Layers: 3-5 layers.

Resin Storage Methods

Please store away from sunlight, as sunlight contains ultraviolet rays which will cure the photosensitive resin.

It is recommended to store the resin in a cool dry place at 15-35°C. Resin viscosity will become higher when the temperature gets lower.

Please keep it sealed to avoid dust or moisture affecting the print quality.

Product Parameters

  • Material: Standard Resin
  • Hardness: 80-85D
  • Molding Shrinkage: 3.5-4.2%
  • Flexure Strength: 30-50 Mpa
  • Elongation at Break: 5-15%
  • Flexural Modulus: 700-1000 Mpa
  • Tensile Strength: 30-48 Mpa
  • Shelf Life: 1 year
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