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Yihua 948DQ-I Fume Extractor | Yihua 948DQ-III Fume Extractor with 110W Soldering Iron and Clips

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About the Product

YIHUA 948DQ-I comes with 8 activated carbon filters, 2 fenders and 1 tiltable stand for the Solder fume extractor. This product can adsorb harmful fumes generated from soldering or wood burning, effectively cleansing the air in your workplace, ensuring safety and working efficiency.
YIHUA 948DQ-I fume extractor comes with dual-filtering function. High-quality activated carbon filters at the front and rear help effectively filter the harmful particles and reduce odors from the fumes.
This fume extractor comes with a 30°-tiltable stand, allowing customers to adjust effective filtering areas according to needs. Fenders on both sides can help reduce disruptive airflows and ensure effective fume extraction. Fumes generated within the straight-line distance of 10 cm can be adsorbed effectively.
YIHUA 948DQ-I’s 5-blade fan can extract fume effectively with longer lifespan and relatively lower noise level.his model works on 110-127V with its USA plug. CAUTION: MUST NOT be plugged directly into a 220V~240V electrical outlet.

YIHUA 948DQ-III 2-In-1 station is designated to save your desk space by integrating a fume extractor and a 110W high-power soldering iron into one. The station comes with LED Nixie Display, X-2 Soldering Iron Holder, and Helping Hand. The soldering iron is 110W high-power and features with PID Temperature Stabilization, Sleep Mode, Auto Shutdown, °C/°F Conversion, and Digital Temperature Calibration.
The fume extractor comes with double filtering, with activated carbon filters fitted in both the front and the rear of the unit. The stand‘s tilt angle is adjustable, and the unit comes with attachment points for helping hands. This smoke absorber can adsorb the harmful particles inside the fume generated from soldering, wood burning, and other types of crafting work.
The unit’s fender design helps block disruptive airflow around the fume extractor and increases the effective fume extraction area. The fan can extract fumes generated within 10cm (3.9inches, ±10%) away from the fume extractor (effective distance measured directly from the front). The attachable helping hands (30cm,11.8 inches, ±10%) can help you secure the PCB, wires, or other objects when soldering, freeing your hand to focus on soldering.
The soldering station's temperature is adjustable from 392~896°F, with a precision PID program stabilizing the actual temperature every in milliseconds. The solder station comes with a 10-minute sleep mode that activates when the soldering iron is not in use for longer than 10 minutes, extending the lifespan of the soldering tips and the heating element.
This model works on 110-127V with its USA plug. CAUTION: MUST NOT be plugged directly into a 220V~240V electrical outlet.

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