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10pcs Active and Passive 5v Buzzer

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About the Product

Active Buzzer
This Active Buzzer generates Continuous Beep/Tone when powered by a DC source. This type of buzzer only requires an ON/OFF type of input. Active buzzers are different from piezo buzzers which require AC or Square Wave signal.
Material: ABS
Color: Black
Size: 9 x 11.8 mm (L x D) / 0.35 x 0.46 inch
Rated voltage: 5V
Operating voltage: 4-8V
Rated current (MAX): 30 mA
Min sound output at 10cm: 85 dB
Resonant frequency: 2300±300 Hz
Operating temperature: -27 to +70 °C
Storage temperature: -30 to +105 °C

Piezo Buzzer
This Piezo Buzzer is suitable for PCB mounting and generates a range of audible tones and frequencies. What makes this buzzer so nice is that it can be connected directly to a 5V microcontroller pin without additional hardware. And it’s breadboard friendly!

To use this buzzer with an Arduino, simply attach one pin to a digital output and the other pin to ground and your Arduino can now play simple tones. Use the Arduino “tone” function to make simple sounds or play around with PWM for more complicated sounds.

Every robot should be able to beep when it needs attention!

Electromagnetic Type
Short Type
DC current 16 ohm
A working principle like a normal speaker, it can general different sound, this is the difference with an active buzzer has internal Oscillator but buzzer does not.

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