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35mm Piezo Transducer

35mm Piezo Transducer

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35mm Piezo Transducer

Piezo elements come in handy when you need to detect vibration or a knock. You can use these for tap or knock sensors pretty easily by reading the voltage on the output. They can also be used for a very small audio transducer such as a buzzer.


  • Thickness: 3.36mm
  • Resonent Frequency: 10+/-0.5KHZ
  • Resonent Impedance: 100R MAX
  • The Static Capacitance: 8000pf plus or minus 30%
  • Sound pressure level: 85DB 10cm
  • The input voltage: 30vp-p max
  • Operating Temperature: -20~70
  • Storage Temperature: -30-80