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5V XH-M131 Light Control Switch Relay Photoresistor Module

5V XH-M131 Light Control Switch Relay Photoresistor Module

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5V XH-M131 Light Control Switch Relay Photoresistor Module

This module can be used for light detection, brightness detection, with power indicator (red) and relay pull-in indicator (blue), and with four M3 screw mounting holes, greatly facilitate the installation, the board can be adjusted by potentiometer Sensitivity, built-in relay, do a variety of brightness detection control switch, can be used, such as lights, etc., automatically open at night, during the day automatically extinguished, and other equipment need to be automated.

Board parameters

  • With anti-reverse function, reverse the power supply will not damage the module;
  • Module output has three ports common (COM), normally open (CK), normally closed (CB), three The port is equivalent to a dual control switch, the relay coil has electricity, the common terminal and normally open when the conduction, no power, the common side and normally closed side conduction; COM terminal generally connected to the power supply through the negative,
  • Through the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity, by adjusting the potentiometer, set the start relay threshold, when the light is hidden in this threshold, the module relay pull, light this threshold, the relay off.


  • Light threshold can be adjusted by Potentiometer to set the relay start
  • Input: 5V DC
  • Load capacity: 10A / AC 250V or DC up to 30V
  • RED LED ON: Indicate the Power ON
  • BLUE LED ON: Relay is working
  • Module output terminal has three ports
  • Relay Pinouts
    • Normally open ( NO )
    • Common terminal ( COM )
    • Normally closed ( NC )
  • Size: 30MM*53MM

Package Includes

  • 1 x 5V XH-M131 LDR Photoresistor Light Control Relay Module
  • 1 x LDR Light Sensor Module with wire