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6-24V to 5V 3A USB DC-DC Buck Step-Down Converter

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About the Product

6-24V to 5V 3A USB DC-DC Buck Step-Down Converter

This step-down (buck) power supply module converts its input voltage of 6V to 24V to a fixed 5V USB output at up to 3A continuous output current.

It is ideal for providing a regulated 5V USB output to charge your iPhone, Android phone, tablet or any other USB-powered device. It can be powered from a 6V, 9V, 12V or 24V battery, solar panel, wind generator or other power source.


  • Small size, 26.4 (L) * 15 (W) * 7.4 (H) mm
  • Input with reverse polarity protection diode, will not damage when input connect incorrect
  • Ultra-low static current, 0.85 mA only.
  • Module Parameters:
    • Module Properties: non-isolated buck module (BUCK) synchronous rectification
    • Input voltage: DC 6-24V Output voltage: 5.1-5.2V
    • Output current: 3A MAX (please enhance heat dissipation when full load using), the actual test result input 12V output current 2A do not need to enhance heat dissipation.
    • Conversion efficiency: can up to 97.5% (6.5V step down to 5V 0.7A) (after short reverse protection and fuses test value)
    • Switch frequency: 500KHz
    • Output ripple: 10mV around (12V to 5V3A) 20M bandwidth
    • Output indicator: Output voltage indicator is red
    • Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 ? to + 85 ?) (the higher the ambient temperature, the lower the output power)
    • Output over-voltage protection: Yes, input 1.5A fuse, output 5V have 300W TVS tube clamp protection.
    • Full load temperature: 30 ?
    • Static current: 0.85 mA
    • Load regulation: ± 1%
    • Voltage Regulation: ± 0.5%
    • Dynamic response speed: 5% 200uS
    • Output short circuit protection: Yes, but please do not short circuit for a long time
    • Input reverse polarity protection: Yes, there is reverse polarity protection diode
    • Output mode: USB
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