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Analog to Digital Converter 16-bit 4-Channel ADS1115

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Analog to Digital Converter 16-bit 4-Channel - ADS1115

Analog to digital converters ADC 16-bit 4-Channel ADS1115 are used for converting analog data to digital data, useful for device without such function, or requiring a higher precision, the ADC 16-bit 4-Channel - ADS1115 features 16 bit precision with a sampling rate of 860 samples per second. The Module can be configured as 4 single-ended input channels, or two differential channels.

Interfacing is done via I2C. The address can be changed to one of four options, so you can have up to 4 ADS1115's connected on a single 2-wire I2C bus for 16 single ended inputs.
To get you started, we have example code for both the Raspberry Pi (in our Adafruit Pi Python library) and Arduino (in our ADS1X15 Arduino library repository) Simply connect GND to ground, VDD to your logic power supply, and SCL/SDA to your microcontroller's I2C port and run the example code to start reading data.

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