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Biqu B1 3D Printer USB Type C Cable

Biqu B1 3D Printer USB Type C Cable

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Note: This cable is not like regular USB Type-C cables, and as such may not work for any other purposes aside from connecting up the hotend assembly on a BIQU B1 3D Printer.

This BIQU B1 USB Type-C Hotend Cable is specially designed for the BIQU B1 and is custom crafted so that it can easily handle all of the signals and power delivery that the BIQU B1 Hotend Assembly requires. However, while it is a custom design, it does look and feel exactly like a normal Type-C cable, offering a good level of flexibility coupled with durability and a humble aesthetic. It is designed to make your life as a 3D Maker as easy as possible, letting you disconnect and remove the hotend by simply unplugging one cable, and that actually makes the idea of swapping out Hotend Assemblies for different materials quite realistic, as you don’t have to spend up to an hour switching out the cables and connectors, but can instead just remove the current one, mount the alternative, and then plug this simple cable into the top.