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BitGadget Kit - Grove Creator Kit for Micro:bit with Free Course

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About the Product

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BitGadget Kit for Beginners: BitGadget Kit is great for beginners to learn about Micro:bit

Diversity: BitGadget Kit has 9 Grove modules, which Makers often use in their projects

Microsoft MakeCode Compatible: MakeCode is a widely used graphical programming software that allows you to program the micro:bit. You can easily use it through a web browser.

Free Educational Course: We provide free BitGadget Kit-related courses for schools and families. You can get started with BitGadget Kit no matter whether you are at class or home.


BitGadget Kit is a must-have for micro:bit intermediate learners.

The included micro:bit expansion board, BitMaker incorporates six Grove connectors, one RGB LED strip and one buzzer to make it possible for some beginners to still use the micro:bit without purchasing extra modules.

If you want to buy BitMaker separately on its own, click here.

The complete BitGadget Kit also includes 1 sliding potentiometer, 1 light sensor, 1 sound sensor, 1 button module, 1 ultrasonic distance sensor, 1 mini fan, 1 motor, 1 servo, 1 RGB LED strip (9 modules in total). You can let your imagination take flight by creating projects with the endless combinations of these components. Scroll down to see project examples.

If you are already an experienced micro:bit user, you can experiment with adding other Grove modules such as a gesture sensor or 4-digit display to enhance your projects. If you haven't heard of Grove before, Grove is a Seeed Studio series which you can read more about here.


Educational Focus

With the BitGadget Kit, students will develop open-source electronics understanding as well as programming skills. Students must exercise creative thinking and use their hands as they design their own projects, customising functions through graphical programming. Not only can kids build knowledge of the modules and graphical programming, but they can also learn how to create their own DIY projects.


Part List

  • BitMaker X1
  • Rotary Angle Sensor X1
  • Light sensor X1
  • Sound sensor X1
  • Button X1
  • Ultrasonic sensor X1
  • Mini fan X1
  • Vibration motor X1
  • Servo X1
  • RGB LED strip X1
  • Grove cables X7


  • Maker teachers
  • DIY hobbyists
  • High school students
  • Micro:bit intermediate learners
  • Homeschoolers
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