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CT14 Micro 4.2 Stereo Bluetooth Power Amplifier Speaker Board Audio Module F Class 5W with Charging

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About the Product

Warning: The charging interface of this product is in current-limiting charging mode, without charging management! For the safety of your life and property, please be sure to use the lithium battery with protective plate produced by the regular manufacturer. If the loss is caused by improper use, the company will not bear any responsibility!
Note: This product will automatically shut down after 10 minutes in standby mode, you need to power on again!
Bluetooth module operation: Open the phone Bluetooth, scan the device, find the "DW-CT14+" and click the connection.
This Bluetooth is version 4.2. Compatible with all mobile phones and Bluetooth adapters on the market. The open transmission distance is about 15 meters. Supports automatic connection back to already paired devices and automatically plays music.
Instructions for use:
1. Bluetooth version 4.2.
2. Support USB sound card, free drive, plug and play (normal lithium battery power supply).
3. This product has its own dual 5W power amplifier circuit. Do not use another amplifier! The output of the two amplifiers cannot be connected in parallel or the negative poles are connected together, otherwise the power amplifier chip will be damaged.
4. Two 2-8 ohm, 3-10W speakers can be connected separately, and 4 ohm 5W and 4 ohm 10W speakers can be used for the push. The output is stereo.
5. The maximum working current is 5V2A. It is powered by a regulated power supply of 5V2A or above, and the sound quality is better!
6. It is recommended to use 3.7V lithium battery (lithium battery needs to have a protection board!) Comes with USB charging port for lithium battery charging, USB port can also be used as power supply port or 5V adapter power supply. Can not use dry battery, charging treasure, Power supply with unstable voltage and current such as multi-function transformer!
7. When installing the Bluetooth board, try not to be close to the metal parts, so as not to affect the transmission distance.
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