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Dual Side Copper Clad Laminate for PCB 150x100x0.8mm 18μm+18μ and 160x100x0.8mm 35μm+35μm

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About the Product

These PCB copper-clad boards are great for your prototyping projects. Suitable for making model train ties, custom circuit printing tests, circuit projects, etc.

Color: Copper Tone
Material: FR4 Glass Fiber, Copper
Thickness: 0.8mm
Overall Size: 150 x 100mm or 160 x 100mm
Package Content: 1 x PCB Copper Clad

Main Features:
1. The PCB board is thoughtfully constructed using FR4 glass fiber as per international standards with near-zero water absorption.
2. The surface of the board is precisely coated using copper as it offers superior electrical and thermal conductivity.
3. This PCB board is capable of retaining high mechanical values and electrical insulating qualities in both dry and humid conditions.
4. The board is used in numerous ways for its excellent adhesion, heat resistance, and electrical insulating properties.
5. Constructed with a size 150x100mm or 160x100mm with 0.8mm thickness, the product can exist for a long time without significant deterioration in its value.
6. 1 x Copper-Clad laminate PCB Circuit Board. It is a double-sided copper-clad laminate universal PCB circuit board sheet for DIY.

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