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Elegoo Jupiter SE 3D Printer PFA (nFEP) Release Film Line

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About the Product

Original PFA release liner film for ELEGOO Jupiter SE resin 3D printer.
Film dimensions: 370*235mm; Film thickness: 0.15mm.

ELEGOO PFA release film is highly resistant to chemicals, with a smooth surface free of wrinkles, scratches, and bubbles. This ensures that it can withstand exposure to various chemicals and materials used in the resin printing process.

Our PFA release liner film boasts excellent UV light transmittance, allowing for efficient and consistent resin curing. With a high transmittance rate of 95%, it ensures that the resin is evenly exposed to the UV light source, promoting accurate and faster curing.

Our PFA release liner film is UV stable, meaning it can withstand prolonged exposure to UV light without deteriorating or losing its properties. This stability ensures consistent performance and reliable results during resin curing.

Our PFA release liner offers superior release performance compared to the FEP 1.0 release film. The non-stick surface properties prevent the resin from adhering to the film, making it easier to peel off. Additionally, it has a 50% longer lifespan than ordinary release films for extended use.

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