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Esun PMMA-like Resin PM200, Clear, 1kg/bottle | 0.5kg/bottle

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About the Product


eSUN clear 3d printer resins have excellent post-processing transparency after grinding and polishing and spraying with UV high-transmitting oil. With high toughness and specific impact resistance, transparent resin 3d printing is more suitable for shape and assembly verification. Moreover, the clear resin has excellent internal transparency and can be used to verify beautiful transparent concept models. Sellingpoint

High transparency


High toughness




Hearing aid



Viscosity(mPa·s) 200-600

Density(g/cm3) 1.05-1.15

Tensile Strength(MPa) 40-50

Elongation at Break(%) 32-40

Flexural Strength(MPa) 35-56

Impact Strength(J/m) 30-36

Tearing Strength(GPa) /

Heat Distortion Temp(℃) /

Hardness(Shore D) 78

Grades (out of 10)

Strength(S) 6

Toughness(F) 7

Forming(P) 8

Accuracy(S) 8

Speed (A) 4


1. Shake well before printing

2. The consumables need to avoid exposure to light for a long time. The printer should be covered when printing. The consumables in the trough should not be exposed to indoor light. It is best to take as much resin as you need for printing.

3. After the model is printed, use high-concentration alcohol to clean it, and then use a UV lamp to cure it for 1-2 minutes. The printed resin needs to be stored in a separate bottle, and should not be put back into the original bottle.

4. If the UV irradiation time is too long, it can be placed for a period of time, and the yellowish color will fade away.

5. Post-processing steps: first grind and polish, generally from low-grit sandpaper to high-grit sandpaper, such as 400 mesh → 600 mesh → 800 mesh (the higher the grinding mesh, the higher the transparency of the spray varnish), and then spray after grinding. The best transparency can be achieved by spraying with anti-UV high light transmission oil after grinding.

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