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Grove - Light Sensor v1.2 - LS06-S Phototransistor - Arduino, Raspberry Pi Compatible

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About the Product

Grove - Light Sensor v1.2 is an analog module and can output various electrical signals which can be converted to different ranges (It depends on the Analog-to-Digital-Converter on your controller board. For example, it can output 0-255 for an 8-bit ADC). It is a perfect LDR sensor module for light measurement, light detection, and light-controlled switch.

Grove - Light Sensor v1.2 is also aimed at measuring light levels, however with higher reliability and sensibility. It replaced the traditional LDR GL5528(light dependent resistor) with LS06-S photoresistor, a high-sensitive and reliable photodiode, to detect the intensity of light in the environment. The resistance of photoresistor decreases when the intensity of light increases. Also, a dual OpAmp chip LM358 on board produces a voltage corresponding to the intensity of light(i.e based on resistance value). The output signal from this module will be HIGH in bright light and LOW in the dark. 

And just like other grove modules, it is interfaced with Grove port which can save you a lot of work in the wiring. It will be a perfect choice if you are looking for a plug-and-play Arduino light sensor apart from the traditional LDR Arduino sensor and Arduino photocell sensor.

-Light measurement
-Light detector
-Light-controlled switch
-Smart home device

Technical details
Dimensions: 20mm x20mm x18mm
Operating voltage(V): 3-5 V
Operating current(mA): 0.5-3 mA
Response time: 20 ~ 30 milliseconds
Peak Wavelength: 540 nm
Phototriode: GL5528(datasheet)

Package Include:
1xGrove - Light Sensor v1.2

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