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GROVE- Mini Fan v1.1

GROVE- Mini Fan v1.1

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The motor driver boards have a built-in programmable microcontroller that uses Arduino IDE. In default, it is programmed to drive DC motors with analog inputs, and the rotation speed depends on the value of the input signal. You can simply connect up all the parts and plug it into a controller board that has Grove interfaces, upload some code and you are ready to make it spin.

User-friendly output module that triggers a DC motor into operation based on the signal received from an input sensor or switching module
Used in conjunction with DC motor included with the pack
JST 2.0 Interface used to connect to the motor
DC motor comes with a colorful soft-leaved fan accessory (as shown in the picture)
On-board micro-controller can be re-programmed to change module operation
Micro-controller runs Arduino-compatible code
Change code to drive Servo motors instead of DC motors
Uses Standard 4-pin Grove Cables to connect to other Grove modules
Note: for the latest version (v1.1), the output voltage for the motor is updated to 3.3 volts.

1 Mini Fan
1 DC Motor
1 DC Motor Driver
1 Grove Cable