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Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor ( Rotary Potentiometer ), compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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About the Product

The potentiometer is also known as a Potmeter or Pot, it consists of a resistive element called the track and a sliding contact called the wiper internally where end terminals are attached to the resistive element.

Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor, this potentiometer twig produces analog output between 0 and Vcc (5V DC with Seeeduino) on its D1 connector. The D2 connector is not used. The angular range is 300 degrees with a linear change in value. The resistance value is 10k ohms, perfect for Arduino use. This may also be known as a rotary angle sensor.

Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor is both compatible with both Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Please use a Base Shield V2 to connect it with your Arduino boards and use a Base HAT for Raspberry Pi to connect with your Raspberry Pi.

Technical details
Dimensions: 130mm x90mm x19.5mm

Package Include:
1xGrove - Rotary Angle Sensor

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