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L9110S Dual-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Module

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About the Product

L9110S Dual-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Module

This L9110S Dual-Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver is a compact motor driver chip that supports a voltage range from 2.5-12V at 800mA of continuous current. These chips have built-in output clamp diodes to protect your sensitive microcontroller electronics. They are suitable for very small robot projects.

The L9110S or HG7881 is an low cost alternative to L298n, L298, L293d, L293 Motor driver.


  • With dual L9110S motor control chip
  • Module can be driven by two dc motors at the same time or one phase 4 line 2 type stepping motor
  • Input voltage: 2.5-12V
  • Maximum working current: 800mA
  • Dimension: 29mm x 23.5mm x 12mm
  • Weight: 5.5g

Dual Channel Motor Driver Module Pin Configuration:

Pin Description
B-IA Motor B Input A (IA)
B-IB Motor B Input B (IB)
GND Ground
VCC Operating Voltage 2.5-12V
A-IA Motor A Input A (IA)
A-IB Motor A Input B (IB)


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