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PT100/PT1000 Platinum Resistor Temperature Probe Temperature Sensor 2 wires/1 Meters

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PT100 Platinum Resister Temp Probe Temperature Sensor 2 wires/1 Meters
Features and Applications:
PT100/Pt1000 temperature sensor is the use of metal platinum (pt) resistance and temperature with a certain functional relation of temperature sensor,Due to its high accuracy, large measuring range, good reproducibility and stability, etc. That are widely used in medium temperature (200 ℃ ~ 650 ℃) in the range of temperature measurement.
PT100 technical specs:
1.Usable temperature range: -200 to 650°C
2.Uses 2/3-wire interface
3. ±0.5°C Accuracy from -10°C to +85°C
1.High precision, good stability;
2.High sensitivity, good linear;
3.Response time short,good compatibility;
4.Compact structure, easy installation, waterproof good
How to choose the Pt1000 or Pt100? PT1000 is suitable for measuring small range temperature (common temperature range: – 50 ~ 450 ℃). PT100 is suitable for measuring slightly larger range temperature (common temperature range: – 200 ~ 650 ℃)

PT1000 Platinum Resister Temp Probe Temperature Sensor 2 wires/1 Meters

Thermal resistance (thermal resistor) is the most commonly used in the low temperature zone of a temperature detector. Thermal resistance measurement is based on the metal conductor resistance increases with the temperature of the characteristics of this feature to the temperature measurement. Its main characteristic is the measurement accuracy is high, the performance is stable. Platinum thermal resistance of which the measurement accuracy is the highest, it is not only widely used in industrial temperature measurement, and was made into a standard benchmark. Thermal resistance mostly made of pure metal materials, is currently the most widely used platinum and copper, in addition, has now begun to use nickel, manganese and rhodium materials and other manufacturing thermal resistance. Metal thermal resistance commonly used in a variety of temperature sensing materials, the most commonly used is platinum wire. Industrial measurement of metal thermal resistance materials in addition to platinum wire, there are copper, nickel, iron, iron - nickel and so on.

Thermal Resistance Features:

Compression spring-type temperature sensing element, anti-vibration performance;
High precision temperature measurement;
High mechanical strength, high temperature and good pressure resistance;
imported thin film resistor components, reliable performance and stability.

External Shielding : Insulated Shielding
Internal Insulation: Fiberglass
Sensor Dia: ø4 x 30
Cable Length: 49cm
Sensor Length: 3cm
Sensor Diameter: 4m
Temperature range: -50-450℃

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