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PZEM-004T Ac Multi-function Electric Energy Metering Power Monitor Watt Meter

PZEM-004T Ac Multi-function Electric Energy Metering Power Monitor Watt Meter

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Product Description
Peacefair PZEM-004T AC Multi-function Electric Energy Metering Power Monitor


This module is suitable for indoor, not outdoor use.

The applied load should not exceed the rated power.

The wiring should not be wrong.

Features :

Electrical parameter measurement function (voltage, current, active power, power).

The power button clear functions.

Power-down data storage function (cumulative power down before saving).

PC PC display function (display voltage, current, active power, power).

The serial communication function (comes with TTL serial interface, through various terminals to communicate with the adapter plate, read, and set the parameters).


Brand: Peacefair

Model: PZEM-004T

Operating Voltage: 80-260VAC

Test Voltage: 80-260VAC

Rated Current: 100A

Rated power: 100A / 22000W

Operating frequency: 45-65Hz

Measurement accuracy: 1.0

Length: 110 mm

Width: 70 mm

Height: 35 mm

Weight: 70 gm

Package Includes:

1 x PZEM-004T Multi-function AC Power Monitor Module

1 x CT coil

PZEM-004T with open CT (with case) AC communication module, the module is mainly used for measuring AC voltage, current, active power, frequency, power

factor and active energy, the module is without display function, the data is read through the TTL interface.


* Measuring range:80~260V

* Resolution: 0.1V


* Measuring range: 0~10A

* Resolution: 0.001A

Active power

* Measuring range:0~2.3kW

* Resolution: 0.1W

Power factor

* Measuring range: 00~1.00

* Resolution: 0.01


* Measuring range: 45Hz~65Hz

* Resolution: 0.1Hz

Active energy

* Measuring range: 0~9999.99kWh

* Resolution: 1Wh

* Reset energy: use software to reset.