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TTL To RS485 Power Supply Converter Module Hardware Auto Control For Arduino AVR 3.3V / 5.0V

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About the Product

The power supply of this product is wide voltage (3.0V ~ 30V), 3.3V system and 5.0V system compatible, 3.3V and 5.0V signals can match.
This transmission module to achieve the TTL signal and RS485 signal interchange, but we must know, 485 is half duplex communication, this communication can achieve two-way communication, but not in both directions at the same time.
Baud rate: 110 ~ 256000bps
Module Highlights:
(1) wide voltage power supply (3.0V ~ 30V), the limit voltage of 33V, it is recommended to use within 30V, the minimum voltage is higher than 2.8V.
(2) compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V signals, can match the module
(3) has a very high EMC and EMI performance.
(4) the use of imported chips, industrial design, anti-interference ability, while the use of powerful 485 lightning design, industrial and field can be used in harsh environments, the working temperature of -40 Celsius to +85 Celsius, transmission Distance up to kilometers (with 850 meters of 2 * 1.5 cable to do the test, it is recommended to use within 800 meters, more than 800 meters plus repeaters)
(5) with a terminal block and silicone wire, the use of very convenient.
(6) with RXD, TXD signal indicator, send and receive situation panoramic view.
(7) factory direct, to ensure technical support and services, but also OEM and ODM.
Module Features:
(1) This module fully considered the 485 bus lightning protection design and anti-jamming design, high EMC, EMI performance, long-distance transmission in the field, the module "access to the earth" side access to the earth, can play well The anti-interference and lightning protection of the role of the 485 bus more secure; indoor short-distance transmission can not access the earth.
(2) with a standard 2.54 pitch pin, to facilitate your secondary development
(3) with 120 ohm matching resistance, shorted R0 can be enabled to match the resistance, long-distance transmission recommended shorted.
(4) support multi-machine communication, the same network can connect at least 40 nodes.
(5) can be hot-swappable, there will be no signal to death phenomenon.
(6) anti-jamming alignment and copper way to prevent interference with the signal.
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