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Wantai Stepper Motor Nema 34 97mm 4A 54kg-cm 86BYGH450B-003

Wantai Stepper Motor Nema 34 97mm 4A 54kg-cm 86BYGH450B-003

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Product Description

86BYGH450B hybrid stepping motor is 1.8 degree 2 phase stepper motor widely used for middle size cnc routers. Consider the measuring error, sometimes also called 86BYGH450B. The 14mm shaft diameter ensures stability in applications with belt transmission of planetary reducer. Also have the stepping motor with 12mm shaft with key, D shaft, etc.

Round or "D" shaft: These are available in a variety of standard diameters and there are many pulleys, gears and shaft couplers designed to fit. "D" shafts have one flattened side to help prevent slippage. These are desirable when high torques are involved. "D" Shaft are widely used with planetary reducer to avoid slippage.

Electrical Specifications

Step Angle(°): 1.8

Motor Length L(mm): 100

Rated Voltage(V): 3.2

Rated Current(A): 4

Phase Resistance(Ω): 0.8

Phase Inductance(mH): 5.2

Holding Torque( 54

Lead Wires(NO.): 4

Rotor Inertia(g.cm²): 2200

Detent Torque( 2.0

Motor Weight(kg): 2.9