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Wemos D1 Pro Mini / Mini ESP8266 / Mini CP2104 Esp-12 Wifi Development Board

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About the Product

D1 Mini CP2104

About this item

New ESP32 D1 mini, mini NodeMcu Lua WiFi board based on ESP-8266.

D1 Mini NodeMcu Lua 4M Bytes WLAN WiFi Internet Development Board Base on ESP8266,Compatible with WeMos D1 Mini.

Compatibility: this internet development board is nicely can be programmed support OTA online; It has a similar pin layout to the D1 Mini ESP32, therefore pin-compatible with most accessories.

WIFI development board, 4M bytes. 5V 1A switching power supply (switching power supply) on board.

Programming board, you can use it to create interesting things.

Compact Design

The chipset that incorporates is the ESP32-WROOM-32 and a chipset for the CP2104 serial port with 4 megs of space for development.

It has good wifi coverage, despite its small size.

Excellent Compatibility

ESP32 Wi-Fi and bluetooth development board compatible with WeMos D1 mini shields (plug and play).

Different than our ESP8266 D1 mini V2 and ESP8266 D1 mini pro, the ESP32 D1 mini carries the ESP32-WROOM-32 module while keeping the same form factor.

Wide Application

Together with a growing set of expansion boards (shields), the WeMos family is a great solution for building projects quickly using both the ESP8266 and ESP32 SoC.

ESP32/32S WIFI development bluetooth ESP8266 module CP2104


Specifications: Power Supply

Voltage D1 Mini: 5V DC (4.5~ 6V) Operating

Current: ~80mA (Supply above 500mA) Logical

Voltage (Inputs/Outputs): 3.3V

SoC: ESP32 (ESP32-D0WDQ6)

CPU: Dual core Tensilica LX6 (32 bit) Clock; Frequency: 240MHz

SRAM: 520KB External Flash

Memory: 4MB Digital

Pins GPIO: 34 (including all peripherals)

UART: 2; SPI: 3; I2C: 2; Capacitive Touch Sensors: 10 SD

WCH CH340 USB to UART Bridge

ESP-WROOM-32 FCC certified Wi-Fi and bluetooth module

PCB-mounted antenna

Onboard Micro-USB connector (i.e., USB Micro-B)

Esp8266 Wemos D1 Mini V3.0 4MB

Model: Wemos D1 Mini V3.0

PCB Color: Blue

Dimensions: 34mm x 26mm

MicroUSB Supply Voltage: 5V DC

Operating Voltage: 3.3V

Current Consumption: >400mA

Input / Output Voltage: 3.3V DC (Do not use 5V )

Number of Digital Pins: 11 digital input / output pins

Analog Pins: 1 ADC

Interfaces: GPIO, UART, I2C, HSPI, PWM

LED Indication: Pin D4 (GPIO2) MCU

Power Switch : ESP8266EX USB-Serial Converter Chip: CH340G Flash memory: 4 MB Baud rate: 300-4608000 baud, default 115200 bps Support for AT commands, cloud server and development kits (SDK), firmware upgrade

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